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How Much To Give In A Wedding Wishing Well

Compared to traditional weddings, modern weddings have new inclusions according to a Sydney wedding planner and one of them is the wishing well. This is done by couples who do not wish to get material gifts but opted for money instead. The problem now is that majority of the wedding guests do not have an idea regarding the amount of money they should gift to the newlywed. Other believe that it should be calculated depending on the cost per head of the wedding while others think that generosity of giving depends on the relationship of the guest to the bride and groom.

This is why many guests are asking before they attend the wedding to make sure they don’t offend the couple or make a social faux pax which could be quite embarrassing. Here are a few tips to help you decide on how much to put.

If we are to go by the cost per head, one should give based on how much they think it would cost for them to dine and drink during the reception. Giving based on the cost per head does not mean that the guests will offset for the cost of the wedding but it is a way of helping the couple celebrate their special day. According to a survey conducted the previous year, the average cost per head to tie the knot in Australia is around $150 and the average number of guests attending is at 97. Based on these figures, it would be reasonable for guests to give any amount ranging from $100 to $300.

Looking at another side which is giving based on the guest’s relationship to the wedding couple. This means that the closer the person is the couple or one of them, the bigger is the amount they should place inside the wishing well. For members of the family and the closest friends, they are generous to gift anywhere between $250 and $300. For those who are not as close to the couple, a Sydney wedding planner advises that it is best to stick with the cost per head.