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How Pest Control In Brisbane Can Detect Termite Infiltration

Termites are dangerous pests as they can infiltrate and breed on your property. It is estimated that they have caused around 1-billion dollars of damages to properties each year. Around 9% of households are affected by the infestation. That’s why one needs to find a pest control in Brisbane for its proper eradication. You need an expert to do the treatments, or they will return without notice.

Termites can cause extreme damage to properties as they can go undetected. They can hide deep in tiny spaces of the home while silently feeding on wood. Many times, when they are detected, it’s now too late and extreme damage has been done. An average repair cost for termite damage is between $7000 to $8000 per household. Therefore, you need a pest control in Brisbane to check your property against termites.

When is Termite Season?

In Australia, the termite season is between October till April when the climate is hotter. The temperature and humidity are the best breeding conditions for termites. It’s in this time of the year when winged termites leave their nests to form new colonies in different places. To be aware of such risks, homeowners must be extra cautious to ensure their home is not infiltrated by termites.

Precautions Against Termites

So, termites are easily detected and eradicated, homeowners need to know the following safety measures:

As termites like to dwell on wood, therefore all wooden debris, old tree stumps and loose timber must be removed from the premises. Keep the timber away from the ground and the mulch far away from the building foundation.

Ensure you find no damp areas, leaking or damaged pipes around the building. Ensure rainwater flows smoothly away from the building.

As termites love humid conditions, ventilation beneath and around the building must be improved. Also, check for cracks in slabs as these are possible entryways of termites towards the building.

If the problem with termites is serious, contact a reputed and qualified pest control in Brisbane to eradicate the pests. Have your home inspected at least quarterly or every six months within a year.