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How To Be At Your Very Best For The Kentucky Derby

Ribbons are not only used as accents for dresses, they can also be used on the hair in form of headbands and pigtail ribbons. Plain and simple hats are embellished by ribbons and flowers to improve its appearance. If you are going to attend the Kentucky Derby, you’d better order your ribbons now.

May 2 is the date for Kentucky Derby. The only way to enjoy the best two minutes in sports is to wear your festive attire. If you are going along with some friends, you better start planning for your stylish outfit and create a hat that goes well with your attire. Kentucky Derby hats are bold, big and over embellished with patterns, ribbons and feathers. This is to pay tribute to the long-standing tradition of betting while you are dressed in the best Sunday attire.

Usually, women who attend the Kentucky Derby are dressed according to the style of a Southern belle. Sundresses are designed in bright spring hues with either floral or striped patterns. However, before finalizing your look, it is important to pay attention to your headpiece. If the dress has lots of colors and patterns, it makes sense to choose a simple hat. On the other hand, if the dress you have chosen is simple in design, opt for the big and bold headpieces.

If the hats you have been keeping in your closet do not match with your dress, you can start being creative. You can make your own headpiece and attach embellishments like ribbons, flowers, feathers and bows. A glue gun or safety pins will ensure that the décor will not fall or be blown by the wind. Styles can range from classy and fashionable but make sure that your hat will get lots of attention.

For men, there is standard attire for the occasion. Men can choose from classic linen, khaki and seersucker suits. If you think that you will look overdressed for the Kentucky Derby, you can opt for a more casual look with a button-down shirt in fun colors like pink or gingham. The key here is to look preppy so that you can pair your shirt with shorts, loafers, bow tie or a fedora.