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How To Choose A Thailand Liveaboard Company

If you are thinking about travelling to Thailand to spend some days in a houseboat or yacht this summer, one of the things that you should look for is a Thailand liveaboard company that will meet your liveaboarding needs. You can find a lot of liveaboarding companies around the islands of Thailand but you can never be too sure on the quality of service and your experience unless you look closely at their website and gather sufficient information. Liveaboarding can be costly and you want to ensure that your money will not be wasted on a bad company. Here are some points to check in choosing a company.

Company reputation

One important aspect to check is the reputation of the company. Its diving and marine personnel should have the expertise since you would be spending a few days with them at the sea and you want to ensure that you are in safe hands. Choose a Thailand liveaboard company that employs professional diving instructors along with experts in Thai waters and its conditions. Having reliable people around will ensure that you have a safe and more enjoyable liveabaord experience in Thailand.

Excellent boat amenities

If you are going to book for a liveaboard trip online, visit your target company’s website and read customer reviews both from the website and from independent sites. Find out if there were any sea mishaps involving the company and you can easily do this by searching online. You might also want to check if the houseboats have advanced communication facilities and on board life- saving equipment. If you are already in Thailand, you might want to personally check the company’s boats before deciding on scheduling a liveaboarding trip with the company.

Affordable rates

You don’t need to break the bank to have aThailand liveaboard experience doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find budget-friendly packages that suits your budget and the number of your preferred days. There are budget pack that include several dives in a day, comfortable accommodation and sumptuous Thai cuisine. On the other hand, there are packages that offer longer stay with high-end services like a hostess, in-door or outdoor dining options and sun decks, among others.