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How To Create DIY Illustrated Maps

Illustrated Maps are not your typical type of maps as it contains drawings and illustrations that highlight places and structures that would interest the map user. You can order an illustrated map online or you can create one for yourself. Creating an illustrated map does not require excellent illustration or drawing skills. You only need to be accurate in order to make the map usable and for you to get to your intended location in shorter time possible. All it takes is a little creativity, the right materials and information and you are all set.

Choose a location

The first step is to choose a location. If this is your first time to create an illustrated map, it would be best to pick an area that you are most familiar with. As your skills advance, you can choose a more challenging location to practice on.

Learn more about the area

The main goal of having a map is for the user to be properly guided and this cannot be achieved if your map is inaccurate. In order to achieve the purpose, make a research on the topography and geography of the area including the important points. You can refer to old maps and have them as your reference.

Specify landmarks

Identify the important landmarks of the area then place applicable illustrations on the spots. You should also place area indicators such as parks, valleys, mountains or rivers that will make it easier for the user to identify his exact location.

Add illustrations

There are different ways to add images to Illustrated Maps. You can draw the images manually or you can cut pictures and place it on the map. Another option is to use a soft map or one that you can find online then Photoshop the images or you can create a hyperlink to add the images of landmarks to the map.

Place paths, streets or routes 

To connect the landmarks place roads, paths, walkways and other connectivity patterns. Create a legend at the bottom of the map to indicate the meaning of the illustrations.  Add colors on the images to make illustrated maps more appealing.