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How To Enjoy A Koh Tao Villa

If you’re planning to rent a Koh Tao villa, you will be opting for a grand holiday to enjoy. The villas are owned by hospitable and welcoming owners, with staff that can ensure all your holiday needs are met. You can have a holiday hideaway with independence of space and intimacy. The villa can make you experience a perfect holiday with luxury, glamour and service comparable to a five-star hotel.

The luxury holiday begins when you come visit the Koh Tao villa and have your accommodation in it. You can expect a relaxing, soothing and comfortable holiday the moment you step out of your plane and begin the holiday. Whether you’re here for a wedding, birthday celebration or corporate team building activity, the villa can offer all your needs. There’s even a fridge all stocked with food and drinks you’ll ever love. Surely the experience can make you enjoy a high-end villa in Koh Tao.

Private Chef Service

To complete your Koh Tao vacation, never miss the local cuisine served by the luxury villa’s inhouse chef. You will request your own meals through a villa menu and the chef will cook it for you using the freshest ingredients. They will also inform the best time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you come with kids, you can arrange their meals, which is served timely while still in the villa. If you prefer inhouse Thai cooking classes, it is granted if you pay a fee for the extra service of the chef.

Active and Cultural Tours

At a Koh Tao villa, you can enjoy boat tours that allow you to visit the neighbouring islands.  There will also be bookings for a golf course or a game of tennis at the local club. You can also be guided by villa concierges and managers that help you discover the best of the local destination. If you want to see the tourist attractions like the waterfalls, temples and local dance performances, they can provide you a tour guide to show you the way.

Villas Especially Made for Kids Around

The Koh Tao villa is never complete without dedicated entertainment rooms with large flat screen TVs. Some rooms for children include toys and games, which they can play in and out of the villa. They can also play with water toys and inflatables if they use the swimming pool. Some villas have safe playgrounds where children can play. However, they need to be carefully watched by their companions for safety.