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How To Maintain Solar Panels On The Gold Coast

The durability of solar panels is incredibly reliable. Companies that install solar panels offer long periods of warranty and great maintenance packages. However, there are some preventive maintenance along the way on the efficiency of your solar energy system and knowing what to do if a problem occurs in your panel system is an important thing.

Caring for your solar panels on the Gold Coast does not require an extensive maintenance program because of its sturdiness. Generally, the failures that happen are associated with the production of electricity or wire corrosion. Only when the sun appears that the solar panels on the Gold Coast produce electricity. The accumulation of dust, vegetation, or snow will affect the production or halt the generation of electricity, thus cleaning of the panels is important.

Summer maintenance:

Summer is the most productive season to generate solar energy because the sun is up all the time. However, because of the accumulation of dust, animal droppings, grime, or pollen can cloud up your panels, thus, cleaning is needed. Usually, a rainstorm is enough to wash off a solar panel, however, in dry climates, it is rare to have rainstorms.

If you reside in a dusty area and rain seldom comes, you can use a garden hose to rinse off the dust. This method is applicable if you can reach the panels from the ground not using a ladder in a safe manner. Ensure the water you use is demineralized as hard water causes corrosion or scaling over time.

If your home has many dirt or pollen buildup, it is best to install a sprinkler that is roof-mounted. It is required that the sprinkler system is installed under the approval of the solar installer.

Fall maintenance:

This is the season when leaves fall and many debris are on the ground. Solar panels can still produce energy on this season provided they are free from vegetation and loose leaves. Although your panels will not be totally free from leaves and other debris, it’s a good thing though that leaves removal is an easy solar maintenance task.

Winter maintenance:

In areas with great chances of snowfall, the removal of snow maybe difficult. Most often, the snow will melt in a few days only by the sun’s heat. You can use a snow rake or long broom if the snow is so thick.

Another concern is ice buildup because it can weaken the roof and affect the integrity of your panels. Removing ice is necessary to prevent water penetration, structural damage, and pooling.

Spring maintenance:

A good time to tackle solar panel maintenance is during the spring. This is the best time for your installer to conduct an inspection of your solar panels.

Whatever time of the year, despite the durability of solar panels, it is still necessary to have a regular inspection of your solar panels to address any possible issues that can affect the efficiency of your system.