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How To Photograph Hanoi Like A Pro

For photographers, Hanoi is included in their top destinations because of the beauty and experience it offers – from the food to the culture. CNN recently released a series called #MyHanoi and photographers were asked to share regarding the picturesque street of the city. These Instagram stars will take you to wonderful places within the beautiful Hanoi.

The first entry is from Linh Pham who has 70,000 followers on Instagram. He is a photojournalist and documentarian by profession. He is considered as one of the most skillful photographers residing in Vietnam. Pham studied graphic design while he was in college, after which, he spent two years as a freelance photographer while travelling all over the globe.

He went to several countries but eventually realized that he felt no connection thus he went back to his origin, Hanoi. It was two years ago when he began taking photographs of the city by capturing many sides such as social issues, the energy as well as the actual people. With his new found passion, he explored his city one more time and this time giving more attention to details that are often overlooked. Pham said that he desires to share contemporary Vietnam to the world by sharing his photographs.

He added that the city is not just something you see on postcards but it has a lot more to offer. Pham is a local of Hanoi this he has taken many backstage photos as well as new angles that shed light to the city in a new perspective.

He revealed that he is partial with photos that have layers because it makes the viewers stop and take in everything more closely to know what is happening on the scene.

Another photographer is Lan Chi Tran who is a native of Hanoi for 30 years. She currently has 9,000 followers, thanks to her vibrant photos. Tran shared that Hanoi is dreamy that many of her followers are nostalgic to visit again or are hoping to visit one day.

Tran is currently a graphic designer and sidelines as a street photographer. She loves taking pictures of her the city streets, her favorite teashops as well as random moments in the city.

These photographs of Hanoi are breathtakingly beautiful and worthy to be displayed as split canvas prints.