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How To Prepare For Furniture Removals In Sydney

Moving to a new location would be more convenient if you are going to hire furniture removals in Sydney who are experts in handling things during transfers. You can surely do the preparation on your own but some furniture can be heavy and it would be best to have extra hand to help you. There are also furniture that requires expertise in dismantling or reassembling. Even with qualified removalists, you can still make the transfer faster by doing the following:

Prepare your tools

When dismantling furniture, there are certain materials and tools that you would need. Removalists are paid by the hour so to reduce the time they would spend dismantling your furniture, start dismantling furniture that you can do by yourself.It would reduce time consumption if you would prepare the tools and materials that you and the removalistswould need for dismantling, packing and unpacking. Some of these materials include screw drivers, cardboard boxes, packing or masking tape, old newspapers, trash bags and other supplies necessary.

Dismantle parts

Start from the furniture parts that are easy to remove. If the parts won’t loosen, you can seek assistance you can just wait for the furniture removals in Sydney to help you with it. Dismantle removable parts such as furniturelegs, covers and drawers. Remove all the contents of the drawers. If there are items that are no longer needed, dispose them then keep the usable items in a plastic bag or box. Keep the screws and tiny parts in a plastic bag, separate the screws for every furniture to avoid mixing them up. Tape the plastic bag to the furniture for identification.

Start packing the parts

When the screws and small parts are already secured, place the removable parts in box. You can also wrap them in old newspaper before placing them in a box. You may want to use furniture pads or add packing peanuts especially for breakable items or those that are prone to dents, damage or scratches. Before calling the team offurniture removals in Sydney, label each box including its contents. Apply tape on the corners of the furniture with cardboard or masking tape for added protection.