in Customer Feedback - 17 Aug, 2021
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How To Use A Customer Review In Advertising

Reviews when used as a marketing tool can easily create a compounding effect. Consumers have the habit of seeking for online reviews by themselves. If they are not satisfied, they dig through the review profile to search for an acceptable number of reviews before making a purchase decision.

Reviews are powerful marketing tools that can attract and convert a large number of potential customers. According to research, product recommendations are responsible for 10% to 30% of the revenue of eCommerce sites.

If you want a 5-star review, reach out to customers who have had an outstanding experience with the brand. Most of these customers have remained loyal to the brand because they are happy and satisfied with their experience.

Ask customers the right questions to generate detailed and organic reviews. Next, you have to tie up these organic reviews to your product or service. For example, you can highlight the review on the upsell page or embed a review with a video to boost sales from engaged customers.

However, you have to ask the customer’s permission to use his image and review it in the video. It is very likely for a customer to give his permission if you give them control over when, what, and how long you will be using their feedback.

If you have come across King Kong advertising review, you will notice that the review is relevant to the service and provides an incredible amount of value. The video helps make the customer more focused, interested, and actively engaged with the brand.