in Business - 08 Dec, 2016
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How To Utilize Echo Chambers In Content Marketing

Social media use has a dangerous effect that has long been recognized by many – the echo chambers. These have been already acknowledged, criticized and widely publicized by majority of the media outlets. Experts have even stated their opinion about it saying that echo chambers are making people even lonelier because of the digital world we are in. They have even suggested that it might have played a big part in the results of the recent presidential election in the United States.

Echo chambers may have varying effect on people. There are those that have felt their impact on their lives while others might think of it as a harmless and an inevitable side effect of the algorithm. Some view it as negative social bubbles that are now a norm in our society. Personal views may differ but for marketers, there are many opportunities it offers if you know how to utilize them properly.

If you are unaware of what echo chamber is all about in terms of social media use, it is what comes out of the algorithm that is utilized by Facebook and other popular social media platforms. The algorithms used on the newsfeed have a single job and it is to determine the type of content that the specific audience will like and the means to provide it.

A few years since its inception, the people behind these platforms have been more knowledgeable of how to utilize it. Majority of the algorithms focuses on what contents the user like, what they engage in and share most of the time. It the works so that more of those contents are shown in the newsfeed. It might sound like good news but echo chamber effect is created since all the users see are contents they like and no issues that disagrees or challenges what they believe in.

There are ways to utilize echo chamber such as:

– Separating your audience in different niche.
– Publishing contents that are controversial or polarized.
– Increase the level of intensity of topics that are performing well.
– Motivate users through content marketing to be more interactive and participate in discussion.