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How You Can Go Scuba Diving In Phuket

In Thailand, you find many locations that are great for scuba diving in Phuket. The water temperature and the abundant corals make it a great place to dive. Another benefit you can enjoy with the intrinsic qualities of diving is having it offered at a low price. Aside from Thailand, you’ll also discover other countries like Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia offering these favorite water sports.

In this article, we will mention tips on how to perk up the diving resorts in Thailand. It’s some sort of guidance to dive the sea waters of the country:

  • The Best Season to Travel to Thailand

In Thailand, you enjoy the tropical season all year round. However, at certain times of the year, it can rain heavily, especially on the months of June till October. But heading south will make you experience good weather. In this areas of Thailand, you’ll experience that rains don’t really last very long.

  • The Expenses for a Trip to Thailand

You save a lot of money when you choose to travel in Thailand or any countries in Asia. You will spend less than 600baht per person per day in many parts of the country. In the southern islands of Thailand, you can budget 1000baht without including diving activities. However, accommodations can be really expensive, with some doubling the room rates.

  • The Diving Spots in Thailand

The best scuba diving in Phuket may be found in the Southern Islands of Thailand. There is the Ko Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Ko Lipe and Khao Lak on the west coast to expedite your favorite watersport. You will notice that Ko Phi Phi is a bit more expensive than the rest. However, in Ko Lipe and Ko Lanta, you can observe the very friendly locals to help you with diving in Phuket. Ko Tao is also one attraction you must try.

  • The Various Proposed Diving Experiences

For a scuba diving in Phuket day trip, the package can include two dives and food. Here you and your company can be guided properly by an instructor. To be well versed with the water sport, you need to get PADI certifications and be recognized anywhere in the world. There are also those who invest in small cruise ships to enjoy the various parts of the ocean that is great for diving. However, it can entail a more expensive cost.