in Company - 05 Jul, 2020
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Huawei Launches Advertising Blitz In The UK

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Huawei Technologies of China has launched an advertising blitz in the UK to highlight its important role in building broadband and mobile networks for the country before the security review that is expected to restrict more of the tech companies’ activities.

Huawei has been in the UK for the past two decades during which time, the tech company was able to build 3G and 4G networks. The priority is to build better connections in the UK and develop the connectivity needed.

The UK needs the best possible technologies and innovations for more secure and resilient networks. Advertising ads will run in most newspapers, business publications, and online platforms for three to four weeks. However, pressure from the United States remains unabated.

Last January, Huawei was designated as a high-risk vendor. Its 5G involvement was capped at 35%. It was also excluded from the data-heavy core of the network. Huawei has repeatedly denied allegations that its equipment is being used for spying. The tech company has strongly opposed the US sanctions that limit the company’s ability to produce microchips for its equipment.

US sanctions on Huawei could damage the semiconductor industry’s global supply chain. The US is putting pressure on Boris Johnson and lawmakers but the UK needs the best possible technology, more choices, more suppliers, and more innovation to be better connected.

Security officials in the UK are examining the effects of the new sanctions imposed by the US. According to newspaper reports, Huawei’s involvement may be reduced to zero.

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