in Event - 13 Jun, 2019
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Hybrid Meetings And What It Means For Event Management

As connections around the world form in an online environment, gatherings evolve to include as many people as possible, engaging in activities that feature participation online, whether it is through live-streams or active live discussions. These kinds of events are called hybrid meetings.


What makes hybrid meetings stand out is that it is able to include people from any part of the world and not limiting an event to physical participation. It changes conference and event management as it keeps in mind work and content that could be experienced remotely. However, hybrid meetings should not be viewed as simply live-streaming the event by placing a camera inside a room. The online partakers should also be given appropriate and entertaining content to enjoy the event. Tending to them with separate speakers, hosts, and angles is key to giving them a great experience. Though, do not forget the guests who personally came to the event, as they are just as important as an online audience.


Hybrid events, therefore, is a great way for conference and event management to utilize the Internet and the possibilities of an online audience. There are plenty of reasons to vouch for these distantly available conferences and events, like:


  • The amount of people who can participate is unlimited, and not limited to the space availablein the facilities that the event is taking place.
  • Those who chose to partake in the event online do not need considerations such as refreshments, services, and other accommodations.
  • Online participation does not contribute to travel and waste accrued by any scale event.
  • Online marketing goes hand-in-hand with online events.
  • Doing live-steams have become easier as technology progresses, and therefore there are fewer problems that can be encountered while doing a hybrid meeting.


Doing online events, live-streaming meetings, and sharing remote conferences are valuable to the advancement of conference and event management, as they need to be able to tend to the changes of how the Internet transformed the way an audience consumes content. It can be agreed that it can have problems, such as equipment failure, lack of actual online participants, and not being able to deliver the content satisfactorily.


In spite of this, hybrid meetings and online events are still a noteworthy investment, as the benefits of being able to reach a bigger audience and acquire larger amounts of participation is a marketing strategy that adjusts to an online presence with minimal costs.