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If You Need Baby Car Seats, Choose Them From TDot Performance Canada

If you have a baby, you need to buy and install a car seat that will fit his needs, especially if you’re driving on the road. This will ensure that your baby is safe and secure wherever you go. The baby car seat will include latches, belts and buckles to secure the baby. And these can be found from TDot Performance.ca, which will offer you the best products most suited for very young children. You just need to know how to install it.

Opting for the Right Car Seat

Why you need the right child safety seat is for the simple reason that you want your baby seated safely in your car. If you were to meet unexpected accidents along the road, the child seat can surely save the life of your little one. The baby needs to be securely strapped in a car seat. During an accident, he can be saved by at least 71% according to a recent study.

Choose products from TDot Performance.ca, so you can easily choose what you like. You will just need to check their website and what they can offer you, especially for your baby. You will surely find a variety of car seats and it won’t be difficult to choose any of them. You may also want to choose something that will suit your budget. Just consider your baby’s age, his height and weight, and whether it meets the safety standards.

Below is a quick guide on choosing the best car seat most suited for your child’s age, height and weight:

Infants up till two years old – Choose rear-facing seats. The car seat must be limited to the child’s height and weight.

Age two to four and no more than 40 pounds. Choose a forward-facing child safety seat.

Age four to eight or up to four-feet-nine-inches tall. Choose a belt-positioning booster seat. Let your kids stay in the back seat.

After age eight or about four-feet-nine-inches tall. Regular seat belts are okay. But your child may need to use booster seat until an adult seat belt can fit him properly. Just inspect how the lap belt and shoulder belt are positioned on your child. It should not be on the stomach but the upper thighs. The shoulder belt should not be on the neck but on the child’s chest. You can buy from TDot Performance.ca for a high-quality type all for a reasonable price.