in Business - 14 Jun, 2019
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IKEA Making Pinterest Catalogues ‘Shoppable’

When it comes to looking for furniture and shop fitouts in Canberra and across the world, IKEA tends to be a popular option, thanks to its global reach and recognizable brand. Even on social media, like Facebook, and Pinterest, the brand is well known.

The global furniture giant is looking to capitalize on that, in particular, with Pinterest. The retailer will soon be putting its product catalogue on Pinterest in order to extend the publication a longer lifespan, as well as to make it easier for customers to make purchases on what they find on the image sharing platform.

According to a report published in Digiday, IKEA’s been looking to profit from its presence in Pinterest for a while now, and this development is the culmination of that.

IKEA Media Project Manager Kerri Longarzo said in a statement that they didn’t want to just copy paste what they already have as the company already has a digital catalogue online. Longarzo says that IKEA felt their promotions were a little stale, and they need to revitalize that part of the business, which is why they looked for something different.

Pinterest differs from its contemporaries thanks to the fact that people look for images of things that interest them; whether its shop fitouts in Canberra, or cooking recipes for the cold French nights, instead of sharing parts of their lives online. In essence, Pinterest is the internet’s biggest scrapbooking tool.

Longarzo says that catalogues have always been a big part of IKEA, but, as they move forward to 2019, how customers shop is changing, and the world is growing increasingly digital, which means that keeping a print-only aspect was a bit of an issue.

IKEA’s US Pinterest page sees more than 10 million unique viewers every month, while its Australian sector sees about 350,000.

The system is already being tested on IKEA Australia’s Pinterest page, where people can look for boards that include, among other things, recipes, bedroom ideas, and inspirations for home, which, when clicked, will transfer the users to the product page in the retailer’s online store, which opens the door for shopping or purchases.

The pinned images also show pictures of the product submitted by other users, which shows how the product looks in more practical environs.