in Tips - 15 Jan, 2017
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InDesign Tips You Might Not Know About

There are many versions of InDesign, as each one is introduce, we always try out those features that are always highlighted. The problem is that there are many features that the software that are not known and many users are not able to make use of these. Here are some inDesign tips that you might not be aware about.

  • The most common ways to insert an image into the software is to click File and Place or use the drag and drop feature of InDesign. There is another way to do it especially if you want to insert multiple pictures, just open Adobe Bridge and choose the images that you want to insert into your layout. After which, click on File, Place and in InDesign. From there, InDesign will automatically open and you will have a loaded place cursor where you can put the chosen images. Utilize the Arrows keys to choose images and if you are sure of the location, you can simply click.
  • If you want to go between the formatting controls for Character and Paragraph which can be found in the Control panel, you can easily do so by holding Command, Option and 7 at the same time. If you are using a personal computer, Control-Alt-7 is the shortcut keys. This is easier than reaching for your mouse every time you need to verify the setting of your text frame.
  • If you want to automatically place the phrase “continued on page” or “continued from page”, it can be done with InDesign. This is if you are to continue the content of a page into another one. Just open a new text frame using the Type tool and then type the phrase. From there, click Type – Insert Special Character – Markers – Next Page number or Previous then InDesign will put in the dynamic number automatically.
  • If you want to autocorrect all your macros, you can easily do so by going to InDesign or Edit if using a personal computer then click Preferences and finally Autocorrect. Check on Enable Autocorrect and use the Add to Autocorrect List button. The next time you type, macros will easily be replaced with the longer correction without having to type it all.

If you want to become an expert at InDesign, it is recommended that you enrol for an InDesign training course.