in News - 22 Jun, 2017
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India Hoping To Get More From Solar Energy Aside From Lighting

India is planning to install additional solar power grids within the next five years all over the country. It will be a small scale one of about 10,000 grids. This is in an attempt to generate more power in order to provide basic electrical needs to communities that are currently living without electricity. This is a far different scene than the one we find at home in Australia wherein Gold Coast solar panel is accessible to almost everyone.

According to a research, the goal is to provide clean energy in a very minimal amount which means it will only be able to supply two LED lights that will turn on for a few hours and then charge a mobile phone. With this, there is not much significant change that will be impacted in the lives of the people in the community.

The study was conducted in Uttar Pradesh state which is located in India. They were able to find out that over a thousand homes have already been provided with clean electricity for the first time in their communities. They recognized the benefit it has given to their families because they were able to cut down on costs from buying expensive kerosene which is previously their means to have a light.

The issue is that the generated electricity only provides lighting for a few hours which is not possible to create a bigger impact when it comes to savings. It can’t support new businesses in the communities or increase the number of hours the residents can spend to work or studies. The researchers summarized that peoples’ lives were not greatly changed by the minimal clean energy.

The lead author of the study is Michael Aklin and he is a currently the University of Pittsburgh’s professor for political science. He said that the communities require more such as larger systems that will provide clean energy just like the Gold Coast solar panel systems that could power businesses and residential properties. This way, businesses will be provided with enough power to function the entire day and operate appliances as well as machineries.