in Business - 20 May, 2019
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Inkjet Technology Used In Latest Tile Collection

It is common to see the blue kitchen tiles design but a new collection was launched by CEBU Oversea Hardware Co. Inc. It was featured in the tile and bathroom collection during the recently concluded World Building and Construction Exposition 2019. The company was founded six decades ago and it has been known as a supplier of construction materials. It ventured into tile importation around two decades ago.

The newest line includes Baldocer which is a brand from Spain. This particular brand manufactures porcelain tiles that are big in size such as the B Plus. The collection makes use of inkjet technology which makes it possible for the tiles to have designs. With this technology, the company was able to make tiles that resemble authentic marble but this version is actually much cheaper. These tiles can be bought in a number of sizes in the Philippines – 120 by 120 and 80 by 160 – sizes that can be transported with ease.

According to Baldocer’s export director in the Asian market, Oscar Vilar, the dawn of the digital technology brought along a new offering for them as they were able to print tiles with any design. It is possible for the tiles to be printed to make it look like it was made from other materials such as wood, cement, marble and stones. The biggest advantage is that it can also mimic the marble tile aesthetically and the price is much cheaper.

Other tiles like the ones made in vinyl have not impacted the sales of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles despite the introduction of new technology.

COHCI’s VP of sales and marketing, Michael Co, said that it is expected that the impact will not be seen yet because as the construction industry is booming so is the demand for tiles made of porcelain and ceramic. It is a good thing that inkjet technology now exists because they are able to use it with porcelain and ceramic tiles. Aside from getting market like the blue kitchen tiles, it was able to serve as a substitute with cheaper prices.