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Interstate Removalists As An Easy Solution To Homeowners Looking To Move Long Distance

Moving houses from one state to another? Doing so can cause stress to homeowners. Moving from one home to another is already a lot of work in and of itself, and even more so when the homeowners and their belongings have to travel across states.

Interstate Removalists

Interstate furniture removals in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and other parts of Australia has never been easier with the help of specially trained movers. They assure quality service, taking care of your belongings when dismantling, packing, transporting, and reassebling them even across state lines. This is especially important as some items tend to get lost in the process, and recovery could be more challenging if it is interstate.


Most common furniture removals in Sydney, Canberra, and other Australian cities offer packing, moving, storage, and assembling services, but interstate removalists offer something beyond that. Apart from the usual necessities of homeowners looking to move their belongings, they also offer antique removals, pet and aquarium transportation, transit care, and even customized insurance packages to take care of your belongings while staying within the budget.

Now, homeowners need not to worry about large items in their homes and whether they could have it moved or not. With professional interstate removalists, everything is well taken care of, and they can focus on the more important things in moving.

Dawson Moving and Storage

One such company that proudly offers its interstate moving services is Dawson Moving Storage. They are confident with their quality service, offering in-house storage for their clients if and when necessary. They have been the top choice for quality moving services at a considerably affordable price.

Dawson Moving and Storage is a family owned business that has been running for more than forty years. They operate nationwide with central offices in Canberra and Melbourne. The Australian Furniture Removals Association, a monitoring body tasked to ensure the legitimacy, quality, and accountability of moving companies in the country, also affiliates them.

They have recently upgraded their transportation equipment and vehicles, and improved their storage facilities all throughout the country for even better service. They are proud to present their responsive customer support service, and comprehensive moving insurance and advice to their clientele.