in Business - 01 Sep, 2015
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Introducing Custom Shopping Bags For The Coming Holiday Season

Paper Mart has introduced its newest products that include custom shopping bags made from paper or fabric, bakery boxes, gift boxes, jars, tins, baskets and ribbons to provide their customers more bang for their buck this holiday season. Paper Mart is the leader when it comes to packaging and party supplies. Their new gift supplies were recently introduced to an audience at the NY Now Show that took place last August 16 to 19.

Paper Mart has hundreds of available options for any type of gift. Customers can choose from small bags made from organza to large paper bags made from eco-friendly recycled paper. Jars and tin come in over 30 different varieties including specialty items like the red heart-shaped tin or the new gold windowed round tins that are perfect for holiday sweets. The stylish bakery boxes from Paper Mart are ideal for any baking aficionado. High quality bakery boxes ensure that cupcakes and cookies are presented as nicely as possible while offering protection to make sure they arrive intact to their destination.

For the holiday season, people will certainly be on the lookout for the best packaging materials to wrap their holiday season gifts in style. Paper Mart has introduced a new line of holiday ribbons made from materials that range from sheer and satin to metallic and lace for that perfectly customized and unique Christmas present.

Customized paper bags are usually pre-formed containers with an opening on one side for ease of packaging. It comes in various shapes and sizes usually with a handle for carrying. For customization, the paper bags can be printed with store or brand logos.

Paper Mart is a 4th generation family owned and operated company that offers discount packaging and gift supplies. There are over 26,000 items to choose from that includes boxes, bags, ribbons and tissue paper to create a unique and beautiful packaging for a present. Paper Mart is celebrating its 94th year in the packaging industry. Retail, food and industrial packaging materials are their specialty. Their customers are assured of the lowest prices and the fastest service from its trained and experienced employees.