in Business - 21 Apr, 2019
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Investors Fighting Over Industrial Land In Perth

The latest industrial zone in Perth is gaining a lot of attention not just from national companies but also from international investors. The location is ideal because it is close to business such as container transport in Perth and there is no denying that logistics is a must these days. With the opening of the industrial zone, it is expected to offer more jobs as well as a rail freight link which is an essential connection between the ports of Fremantle and Roe Highway.

With the opening of the industrial land, the urban planning devised by the state government is rendered more important now. It has also aided in the issues currently faced by Fremantle port which involves political matters but boils down to the limited capacity of the road.

In central Perth, there is a land that has been classified as an industrial zone but its value is not limited to those in the industries alone but it also paves way for more jobs in the future. The central zone currently covers Kewdale and Welshpool, Canning Vale, Ashfield and Myaree with more than 100,000 jobs in the area. The industrial space contains the highest number of jobs in the region not including those within CBDs in West Perth and Perth.

For the sub-region of central Perth, there is not much land to begin with that is suitable to accommodate the industrial growth. Majority of the centres have already reached its recommended capacity.

According to the Perth and Peel planning frameworks which is developed by the government, many of new industrial parks will have to be moves to the fringes of the urban region. A large part of the land in the inner city is designated for houses therefore further increasing the prices of land in those areas while the urban density has slide down.

This is why it comes as no surprise that businesses handling container transport in Perth are looking into the recently launched Roe Highway Logistics Park situated in Kenwick. It spans a total of 56 hectares and the industrial capacity is quite large already. The location is the best among other industrial parks that have been introduced in over ten years.