in Business - 24 Sep, 2019
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Israelis As One Of The Biggest Investors In Greek Real Estate

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In the last couple of years, Israeli nationals have been investing heavily in Greek real estate. The investments have contributed significantly towards the recovery of the property market. The last few months have pointed to further growth in investment activities. According to estimates made by local market professionals, a total of more than 200 million Euros was invested in Greek real estate by Israeli interests, companies and institutional investors.

One of the world’s biggest investors in short-term rental domain has reportedly made a direct acquisition of more than 115 apartments from Greek bank for 10 million Euros. About 20% of the properties are in Athens with the rest on various islands and cities all over the country.

In recent years, one of the biggest companies that have secured a position in the Greek property market is Israeli-based Zoia. The investment fund is currently managing 19 building around Athens. Its target is housing and office markets.

Other Israeli groups that are targeting Greek realty include Beny Steinmetz that has acquired two commercial and residential buildings in the center of Athens over the last few months. Fattal Group has also won the tender for long-term lease of the former EsperiaPalaca Hotel that is located in Central Athens with its offer of 95,800 Euros monthly lease.

Golden Horizon is also active in the Greek property market with its two latest moves in acquiring properties worth 20 million Euros. Because of Israel’s investment interest on Greece’ real estate, a special event will be hosted by the Greek real estate sector for Israeli entrepreneurs, suppliers of construction materials and legal experts.

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