in Best Hotel - 09 Nov, 2017
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Italy Offered To Preserve Ancient Establishments In Yangon

Downtown Yangon holds a number of colonial buildings and to the untrained eyes they may seem like neglected and abandoned. The exterior of the buildings have cracks, the paint is almost faded and there are broken windows. As the area starts to accept tourists, construction of hotel in Myanmar Yangon is inevitable along with other infrastructures. This is why many have been saying that one should visit Yangon now before it is impacted by change.

The landscape of the urban area is starting to change fast due to new investments for architectures that are coming on. Majority of the buildings that are a hundred years old and more are being destroyed since the prices of land continues to increase and they are already in the state of too much damage.

Yangon is now in danger of losing a big part of its history.

This is about to change as Pier Giorgio Aliberti, an Italian Ambassador, has spoken at Strand Hotel for a press conference. He was optimistic during his speech and he addressed the media and the attendees present that things are not too late for Yangon.

There is a program called Technical Assistance Services to the Yangon Region Chief Minister Office and Support for the Requalification of Yangon Heritage which was organized through the combined efforts of Yangon Region Government, Italian Embassy and the AICS or Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

This is just the beginning of the main project they have in mind called Tourism and Cultural Heritage.

The ambassador emphasized that Yangon is not going to erase its excellent values whether in religion, culture or history. This is despite the current issues the country is facing brought about by urbanization and modernization.

He added that it is the belief of the Italian Government along with the Regional Government that preservation of the said values are essential to make sure that Yangon remains unique. This, first and foremost, is the reason why the city is known all over the region.

There may be a new hotel in Myanmar Yangon but the historical buildings will surely be preserved under the program.