in Business - 29 Jun, 2017
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Kawasaki Dealer To Sue Mumbai-Based Dealership For Failure To Deliver Motorcycles

13 customers receive Kawasaki motor bikes after being cheated by a Mumbai-based dealership. Payments have been made, but the dealer failed to deliver the orders. The bike manufacturer will need to find a new Kawasaki dealer in the areas of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Kawasaki took the customers from Mumbai to Pune to attend a grand event where the motorbikes can be delivered. The motorcycle they purchased from the dealership priced at ₹8-16 lakh and included the following models: Versys 1000, Ninja ZX-14R, ZX-10R, Z800 among others. This incident was first discovered when customers charged SNK Palm Beach dealer situated in Navi Mumbai to miss the delivery ofmotorbikes on a scheduled date. Customers paying through loans had their EMIs subtracted without receiving their purchased bikes.

Kawasaki sent a notice to the dealer to resettle the issues, either to deliver the motorbikes, or return the payment with interest, last August 2016. However, it failed to comply with such request.

Matters worsened when Kawasaki dealer ended the Palm Beach dealership in September 2016, owing financial deviance and failure to comply with customers. Kawasaki also advised future customers not to deal with this dealer anymore. Customers felt deviated with their interest and chose to take legal action against the dealer and the company as well.

However, Kawasaki dealer was able to deliver the 13 motorcycles to its new owners finally, after several months of delay. Although the company had legal problems against its customers, it was able to comply such deliveriesafter long wait in months. The customers were such in turmoil about the incident, but they realized that the motorcycle maker valued their interest and wanted to win back their trust.

Kawasaki sales in the areas of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai were greatly affected by the dealership. With the end of this dealership, future customers were directed to their Pune and Surat branches.

Customers may have pursued cases against India Kawasaki Motor;however, the company is taking proper legal action against the dealership. Kawasaki dealer is yet to determine and finalizea new outlet in Mumbai, and shall be announcedreally soon.