in Business - 19 May, 2015
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Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association Elects New Officers And Board Of Directors

Kitchen cabinets serves as a great help for a family. It doesn’t only give the kitchen, volume or add to its design, it also houses few things you decide to put in them. This may be some of you precious glassware, ingredients and many more. This only proves how important they are to the glorious part of your house – the kitchen.

To contribute to this cause and deliver the kitchen cabinet needs of families, the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association also known as KCMA was initiated. The association elects directors and officers that will lead it to the greater good. On April 26 to 29, 2015, the 60th Yearly Convention Held by KCMA which they dubbed as a conference for Convention and Leadership marked their history once again as they elect the people to sit at their top. The Conference happened on California, at Meritage, Napa.

The elected officers as of 2015 are as follows:

• Mark Trexler – Master Woodcraft Cabinetry was successfully elected to be the President.

• John Gahm – Vice President, Kitchen Compact Inc., received the title of Vice President after being elected.

• Rich Tobin – MasterBrand Cabinets Inc., was assigned as the Treasurer.

• Brad Boyer – American Woodmark Corporation, was assigned as Immediate Past President.

Aside from these elected officers, there were also an election held for the next people to become the board of directors for KCMA. They were assigned to render their service for the association for a span of 3 years. The newly elected board of directors includes the following:

• Bill Allen –Showplace Wood Products and Manufacturing Director.
• Tom Samanic – General Manager and Vice President of Tradition and Builder Channel and Company of Elkay Manufacturing.

• Stephen Wellborn – Wellborn Cabinet Inc. and Product Research Director
Associate Members to become the representatives of the KCMA Board were also elected.

They are the following:

• Karl Rudisser – President of Blum Inc. assigned for two years

• Mark Hayes – Business Development Manager, assigned for one year only, in order to fill the existing vacant position.

These people are the ones who are going to keep in touch of the progress and changes within Kitchen Cabinet and Bath Vanities Supplier companies and help them render the exceptional service which the customers deserve.