in Business - 20 Jan, 2018
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Largest Fine In Luton For An Irresponsible Landlord

There is no valid reason for an individual to be totally unaware of gas safety because there are tips for gas safety check in the UK all over the net. Besides that there are regulations for landlords to make sure that gas appliances are certified safe. Failure to abide with gas safety regulations can result to hefty penalties or even imprisonment.

In Luton, a landlord totally disregarded the safety of his tenants when he breached the law. The court learned that the property was overcrowded putting the tenant’s lives at risk. It was found out the properties lacked fire doors and automatic fire and heat detection. There were obstructions on the stairs and exits that were hazardous in case of fires. Electrical works were unfinished throughout the property with bare wires hanging from ceilings and walls. The gas meter has to be shutdown because of a leak while the electric meter appeared to have been tampered with.

During the January 9 hearing at the Magistrate’s Court, Alyas Hussain of Dunstable Close in Luton was fined £70,000 and ordered to pay additional costs amounting to £1148.79 plus surcharge of £170 for the dangerous breaches in legislation that were designed for the protection of tenants. During the sentencing, the Chair of the Magistrate’s Court said that offenses were clearly motivated by profit without recourse to existing regulations or court processes.

According to Councilor Tom Shaw, Portfolio Holder for housing, landlords who rent properties that do not meet standards must not be tolerated. The council has a commitment to make sure that private landlords in Luton do not take advantage of vulnerable tenants and put their lives at risk. The conviction sends out a strong message to landlords who disregard the law and their responsibilities towards their tenants. Being a landlord carries significant responsibilities to prevent them from ripping off their tenants.

A responsible landlord understands the tips for gas safety check in the UK so that an inspection can be carried out without hassle. All issues with gas appliances must be properly documented and handed over to the inspection engineer for possible suggestions. Issues should not be hidden to avoid the cost of repair and maintenance.