in Company - 10 Feb, 2018
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Lego To Sue A Furniture Removals Company Due To Their Van’s Design

Lifting big pieces of furniture like beds, cabinets and dressers and bringing down a flight of stairs can be pretty daunting; however, there is a more efficient option in Sydney furniture removals, an indispensable service when you are moving a new home. Hiring professional removal services is an added cost but is saves you from back injury and pain.

Kwik Stik is a furniture removal firm owned by Danny Mawson that is remembered by people because of the design on their van that features two figures and blocks. However, Lego has threatened the firm that if they do not remove the figures painted on the sides of the van, a lawsuit will be filed in court. Lego claims that the firm is infringing its copyright with the design and wants it removed within 28 days.

On the other hand, Mawson said that removal of the design will cost him £10,000, an amount he could not afford because business is not so good. Lego is a multi-million pound business and the van’s design won’t do any damage to the brand. According to Mawson, his daughter’s love for Lego toys has inspired him with the branding design of Lego men and blocks. He claims to have spent a fortune on Lego toys for his children over the years.

The small furniture removal company only has 3 vans. Business is struggling because the economy is not good due to Brexit. Mawson did not expect that one of the world’s biggest and top-earning toy companies will be overly concerned about the designs on a van. Moreover, Lego is also demanding for the removal of anything displayed on the internet that is associated to his logo including all marketing and advertising materials.

Lego has not issued any comment regarding the demands made on the small firm.

The sector of furniture removals is certainly competitive that is why business owners use every type of marketing strategy to attract customers. The great thing about Sydney furniture removals is their professionalism and transparency. Written quotations provided to clients do not include hidden charges. As a result, the company is enjoying word-of-mouth recommendations through satisfied customers.