in News - 20 Jan, 2017
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Local Funeral Directors Perplexed Over New State Senate Bill

Local funeral directors were completely baffled when a new state bill was passed allowing certain foods and beverages inside funeral home. The funeral directors are unaware on how the bill will affect their business. A statewide webinar was scheduled for January 11 but was moved to January 24 so that funeral directors can ask their questions about the bill and how they could adjust operations in their establishments.

Based on the State Senate Bill S8 17 on public health, a funeral home will be allowed to provide space, facilities, equipment and supplies that will be used for the preparation, sale, service, distribution and consumption of food and beverages in a funeral establishment. The purpose may be for arranging for, attending or participating in the care and preparation of a body of the deceased for disposition, mourning, funeral or a memorial or service whether open house or a similar community function.

In more simple terms, the funeral home employees will be allowed by the law to serve food and beverages. Hiring a caterer is also allowed for the family or the family can hire the catering services on their own. However, the law disallows food and beverages in the embalming and preparation room. Alcoholic beverages are not included unless otherwise required by the families ‘religion.

James Harper of Nunn and Harper Funeral Home says the law is contrary to what they are accustomed to. Funeral establishments were not built to accommodate the services of providing food and beverages. This is entirely different from the practice of bringing along a tray of cookies and coffee, some bottles of water or cans of soda. Funeral directors have not anticipated the need for a full kitchen and catering halls. Right now, funeral directors are on a wait and see mode to find out how to proceed and comply with the new law.

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