in Business - 17 Aug, 2015
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Making A Choice For The Cheapest Self Storage Facility

Unit at storage Bristol can start at about 5 by 5 feet and it is important to check what you can fit in there. You can always upgrade if you need to but if you are looking at long term storage you can pack tight without any space to be able to access and reach everything. You only have to put the stuff that you will likely need at the front. Of course, you don’t want to be paying storage Bristol for storing your junk which means sorting out your belongings.

According to a major trade group the Self Storage Association (SSA), Americans like to buy and keep stuff and this is the reason why self storage industry is now worth $24 billion. According to SSA, at least 84% of all US counties have one storage facility and nearly 1 in 10 American households rent them.

Self storage is the fastest growing sector of the commercial real estate industry for the past 35 years. More than half of self storage customers initially planned to hang on to their units for just about one to five months however; the average stay became 10.4 months. According to Sparefoot.com, an online self storage marketplace, the top consideration of their customers is price followed by security, location, access hours, cleanliness, friendliness and reviews.

According to SSA, occupancy at self storage facilities nationwide was 88.1% which us up by 1.3 percentage points from 86.8% in the fourth quarter of 2013. The national average price per unit measuring 10 by 10 feet fell by about 7% to $87.06 from the previous price of $94.01 in the last quarter of 2014. If you are looking for self storage make sure to compare rates.

There are storage companies that offer “move-in” specials with discounted rates or a month free. There are also discounts for seniors and military perks. Other self storage facilities are offering 10% to 30% off the rental rates, gift certificates, free use of moving truck, one-dollar move ins, no rent increases while deployed overseas and waiver of security deposits and administration fees. It is also suggested to use your zip code when searching for prices.