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Maldives As The Tropical Getaway For Chinese Tourists

Maldives is the ultimate destination for lovers of adventure. An exciting holiday awaits those who want to experience scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, windsurfing and beach volleyball. However, there is also luxury resort in Maldives for those whose purpose is to relax and de-stress in complete privacy. Maldives is also a romantic destination for couples who want a photo shoot done in their wedding attires.

Over the last few years, the number of Chinese visitors to Maldives has dramatically increased. However, the island nation is experiencing a major political crisis with a state of emergency announced by the president. As the crisis became intense, Chinese authorities issued a travel advisory and warned Chinese tourists to avoid Maldives until the crisis had died down.

However, in spite of the travel advisory, the interest of Chinese travellers to Maldives never waned. In fact, there are negotiations to secure a direct air route between the two countries. China remains to be the largest source of tourism for Maldives with 306,000 Chinese visitors welcomed in 2017. While the number of Chinese visitors in 2018 was lower than the previous year, Chinese tourism remains strong notwithstanding the political crisis.

Chinese involvement in Maldives goes beyond tourism. A Chinese company is reported to have secured a 50-year lease on the uninhabited island of FeydhooFinolhu for tourism purposes. Chinese companies are involved in many infrastructure projects where the largest is the $830 million airport upgrade. A 1.3-mile bridge will be built to connect the island where the airport is located to the island where you can find Male, the capital city.

Chinese tourism to Maldives has remained relatively strong because of the healthy relationship between the two countries. Tourists can travel to Maldives without being involved in a political crisis because the resorts are separated from the local population with the exception of locals working in the hotels and resorts.

Maldives is composed of 26 atolls made of 1,190 islands. You can find luxury resort in Maldives as well as a myriad of hotels that cater to tourists. There are lots of things to do while holidaying on the islands from various water sports to yoga on the beach and cycling in the countryside.