in Adventure - 09 Dec, 2017
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Melbourne Bars Welcome Raising The Bar Campaign

Melbournians are known for their love of experiences and this is why tourists are so eager to try outdoor adventures in Melbourne but aside from this aspect, the locals are also known for their love of nightlife. A night out in the city usually entails dancing and drinking but it is not the case with Raising the Bar campaign.

The event was conducted in 10 of the bars located in the city of Melbourne and 20 talks were scheduled which are hosted by experts as well as academics professionals. During these events, only knock-off drinks are being served.

The event was originally done in New York but it came to the city of Melbourne the previous year. The program was all booked thus they are expecting it to happen again.

There are various topics discussed during these talks including philosophy, arts and culture, sociology and science and technology.

The subjects may not sound as interesting to many but the fact that all events are booked out only tells that many are eager to learn.

Among the participants in one of the talks are Steve Taitoko and Jacinta Young. Their speaker will be talking about various topics including cryptocurrency and storytelling on the legal perspective.

Mr. Taitoko believed that the appeal of the talks lies on the fact that many people are willing to listen but they are more willing if it is done in a more informal manner than usual.

Ms. Young was in agreement with what he said. She added that the atmosphere is more relaxed and is very different from seminars that are usually held in auditoriums.

For the case of Tassie Williams and Lucy Plisko, they decided to book three different sessions in order to learn more from the experts and academics.

They were university students and recognized that their educations cost thousands but majority of them are only sleeping during their lectures. It is a chance for them to be able to experience informal learning after they get off from their respective work.

Ms. Williams said that people are more willing to engage because it is their choice to join. This is the same when choosing outdoor adventures in Melbourne, participants will not be able to enjoy the experiences if these are not in line with their passion or interests.