in Lifestyle - 08 Jul, 2015
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Melissa McCarthy Complains About Plus Size Stores Hidden In Shopping Malls

During a meeting with Dale and Waters, it was discussed how Melissa McCarthy recently complained regarding the unfair treatment of shopping mall management when it comes to plus size stores for women. She feels that being a plus size herself, there’s nothing she should hide and encourage other women to do so. On the other hand, what the shopping malls are doing is quite different to what she feels. McCarthy is planning to launch her own clothing line soon which is geared toward the plus size fashion. In a recent interview with More magazine, the actress expressed her disappointment regarding the mall structures which is an indication of how they treat plus size women.

According to Melissa, shopping malls are segregating the stores dedicated to plus size shoppers. She explained how she can’t properly shop for clothes together with her friends because the plus size shop is located in the upper floors along with the tire section. She expressed her disappointment and claimed that the mall structure is a like another way of saying that plus size women should not be focused and should be hidden where no one can see it.

Melissa expresses her desire to make the world see how women should be treated – all women including the ones wearing plus size clothing. She dreams of one day breaking that wall that separates the thin from the plus size. She even shared how it used to be a challenge getting a designer that is willing to make a dress fit for her plus size frame. The actress said that people should be aware that not everyone is below size 12.

All of this has inspired the actress to make her own line of apparels such as dresses, sportswear and even accessories. Though the clothing line will focus on plus size women, smaller sizes will also be available. Melissa believes that everything should be available in all sizes and should not just stop at a certain number.

The line will be launching in August and there will be available 80 designs which can be bought from sizes 4 to 28. All of her designs will be available in outlets such Macy’s and Nordstrom. The clothing line brand name is yet to be revealed.