in Business - 30 Mar, 2019
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Middlesbrough Snow Centre Construction Site Already Secured

There is a new development with the proposed snow centre for Middlesbrough because the council has already given the green light to purchased the needed land for the project. They will be the one to sell the same plot of land to the developers of the project at exactly the same price they have bought it. The project is good news for companies that provide boiler repairs in Middlesbrough because it is expected to boost their business locally.

The executive sub-committee in charge of property under the Middlesbrough Council is the responsible group tasked to purchase the land in order for the proposal to go through. The whole town has been excited since the announcement of the project and this is the only hurdle that is preventing it from coming true.

Through a deal, the council will acquire the land from its owner Homes England which was previously named Homes and Communities Agency or HCA. They have already agreed on a price at a previous meeting but next month it is set to undergo another negotiation.

The council has already given their word that they will sell the land to Cool Runnings NE, the developer of the of the snow centre project, with no additional charge.

Cllr Charlie Rooney, the deputy mayor and city strategy’s executive member, said that the plan will not have any negative effect on the council nor will it result to a loss. To explain, Cllr Rooney said that the initial plan was for HCA to offer the land for sale to Cool Runnings but the council wanted to purchase the land first before passing it on to either Cool Runnings or Sub Zero which is a subsidiary company of the developer.

The plan will cover any additional costs that may incur due to interest or inflation. Next month is already the deadline for the deal to be completed. Failure to meet the plan could lead to renegotiation and HCA might be forced to increase the current price. This is why the council needs to act as soon as possible to secure the site for the snow centre. The developer might need to hire boiler repairs in Middlesbrough later on when the snow centre is already well on its operation.