in Lifestyle - 22 Dec, 2016
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Mobile Showers From A Nonprofit, Blessings To Homeless

It has always been viewed that a man can keep his dignity if he has maintained proper hygiene. This is the reason why Doniece Sandoval decided to take action in order to help the homeless people keep their dignity.

The idea was turned into reality after the funding that was sent by Google, one of the earliest to pledge as investor in the project. The giant company has already donated around $800,000 as of writing. With the money, Sandoval was able to convert a city bus owned by San Francisco that is no longer working and made it into a mobile shower that is specifically for the homeless. The idea was eventually transformed into a nonprofit called Lava Mae. Recently, the KIND Foundation which is newly founded awarded the organization a $500,000 in grand prize. They were chosen out of the 5,000 who entered. The foundation chose her because she was able to transform her community through her kind heart.

Lava Mae has already gotten some upgrade after obtaining its first city bus. The organization was able to purchase a new commercial shower trailers with the same goal of providing people with privacy as well as safety while they are using the facility. The original concept was to build six shower stalls in order to have more available units but in the ends the buses under Lava Mae are only equipped with two full bathrooms. These two units offer a lot more privacy and one of the units is big enough that a wheelchair can pass through.

The organization has already started its expansion in Los Angeles and they are adding more to their programs with the new idea of a pop-up care village. It is a program developed alongside Project Homeless connect and a team of volunteers. With the care village, homeless are able to get free haircuts and shop for free with a limit of 10 items.

If you are one of the people who are lucky enough to have your own home, make sure that your bathroom has the proper bath shower screens in order to promote privacy in the house.