in Customer Feedback - 07 Jul, 2021
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More Than Just Analytics: The Importance of Consumer Marketing Reviews

More often than not, companies determine the measure of their online reputation through numbers. They focus a lot on analytics, web traffic, search rankings, and the amount of engagement. While this isn’t wrong, it’s also important to consider the experience of customers. Having reviews available on Glassdoor, Indeed, Google Search, Maps, and Facebook pages can also help boost rankings and engagement.

Through reviews, potential customers learn what the product or service is about and how it could be helpful to them. Reviews can also influence whether or not a potential customer or client will avail of a company’s services. A user’s experience written through a testimonial or review provides a future outlook for how a potential customer would experience the service. Even if a company website has a lot of traffic, if there is no one to say that their service is great, then it reduces the company’s credibility.

Customer reviews also help smaller companies gain a wider reach. Through external review sites, King Kong marketing reviews show feedback from its employees and clients, thus growing its company. If smaller brands are loyal and valuable to their base, then their customers will not hesitate to put in a few good words to help boost the company’s mileage. Of course, negative feedback is possible, but these are taken by companies to improve their services and reassess their strategies. After all, any feedback is good feedback.

While numbers determine popularity, customer reviews determine value. It is by giving excellent service to customers that such reviews and testimonials can ultimately create valuable profit and expansion.