in Art - 06 Sep, 2019
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Most Beautiful Memories Of Udaipur Featured In Cityscape Illustration

You have never been to a certain place but through cityscape illustration, you were able to recognize the important buildings and landmarks. Why, because the map illustrator has focused his attention on highlighting these places instead of drawing the map according to scale. Besides that, cityscape illustrations are fun to look at and quite pretty like works of art.

One of the most beautiful places in India is Udaipur, also known as Lake City or Venice of the East. The city can be likened to a fairy tale with its gorgeous palaces, labyrinth of lakes and bridges and vast number of intricate alleyways that lead to mysterious temples. Lake City is definitely a wonderland that must be explored.

A map illustration of Lake City was created while exploring the streets of Udaipur for countless hours. After exploring the surreal city everything that was seen was documented, experienced, memorized and fanaticized.  The panoramic art of Lake City starts with a self portrait in an arcade in Ganghaur Ghat. Afterwards, the map illustration meanders around the magical lakescapes of Pichola Lake and Fateh Sagar Lake. The map art features fantastic palaces, temples and gardens including the winding alleys of the old town with its shrines, tiny tea stalls and open fires.

The map illustration blurs the line between make believe and reality and produces a feeling that one gets while strolling through Lake City. The pictorial map of the city captures the overwhelming surreal nature and the beauty of the place with its gods, people and animals. There is a palace in the middle of the lake, goddesses showing their tongues, women riding swans in the water and horses that are disguised as baby elephants. All of these images can be found in Udaipur with its dreamlike scenery of breathtaking beauty.

If you want a map illustration of a city that shows landmarks and locations in an interesting way, your option is cityscape illustration that can be drawn by map illustrators. The map illustration can be displayed in the lobby of a building or in the boardroom. It can also be used as a promotional material that can be distributed to visitors.