in ASIA - 07 Dec, 2016
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Moving To Pattaya? Thoughts On The Pros And Cons About Living In Pattaya

It isn’t something new to visit a place and fall in love with it. Some go as far as moving into that place. That has happened to so many vacationers who came and wanted to experience Pattaya and have pondered on moving in. And why not? There are a lot of good things in Pattaya: the scenic beaches, the historical temples, the floating markets, and the girls. Pattaya condos for sale has been consistently in demand, and developers have answered to that demand with a market of competitive prices.

Pattaya is a resort city based on Tourism. Expect that certain products are a tad bit overpriced. But overall, you sure can get a great value on most other things. Like affordable Pattaya condos for sale, the first to consider before moving. Owning your own condominium unit around Pattaya, Naklua or Jomtien will be cost you the cheapest to be a million baht. If you have the means to go all luxurious, you can get a great spot with high-end amenities and exceptional view for 70 million baht. Return of value is about ten years, but for those who are not planning to stay for more than ten years, the monthly rental rate in a beautifully furnished apartment or condo in Pattaya is around the average of 10,000 baht. All forms of living spaces in Pattaya are mostly reasonably priced. There are a lot of cheap properties for lease or for sale that it is hard to spot overpriced ones or they will risk being unoccupied.

Pros of living in Pattaya

Since it is already outside of the capital metropolis, one would wonder, how is the speed of the Internet in Pattaya? Internet speed in Pattaya is more than fairly decent, it is considerably fast. Even the 3g connection already more than what one can normally get by with. Coverage in Pattaya is also widespread that you do not have to move to more industrialized spots to get a connection. Pattaya and Thailand as a whole are also more modernized than its neighboring countries like Laos and Cambodia. Transportation is also very convenient. A thai bus can get you to your destination for just 10 baht. Nightlife in Pattaya is also cheaper compared to Bangkok.

Cons of living in Pattaya

As mentioned earlier, some products in Pattaya are overpriced because they are tourism based. But there are a lot of good finds that you will just have to be street smart in order to get a good bargain.