in Customer Feedback - 09 Dec, 2020
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Negative Reviews Can Cause Irreparable Damage To A Business

Customer reviews are unquestionably important to people’s lives. An example is a digital agency that believes that the kingkong.com.au review left by clients is a source of important information about the company. People have to be allowed to freely share their experiences so that other consumers can make a confident decision.

The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and while it is unclear if restaurants will be allowed to continue with their operations, there are some things that can be done to be a good customer.

Customers must think twice before leaving a negative review on online review sites because the review will be visible to the public for years to come. Some consumers had negative experiences and wrote about an isolated incident. The negative review will cause irreparable damage to the restaurant’s reputation. Unknowingly, the restaurant is already fixing the kinks in their operations.

While there is no rule against posting negative reviews, customers should be encouraged to leave a positive review on the favourite restaurant to offset the negative reviews from disgruntled customers. It is a simple act of kindness to be appreciative of the staff who are trying to provide you with a good dining experience even if they are overwhelmed.

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