in News - 10 Jun, 2017
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New Courier Technology App Unveiled

In this day and age, many tech providers are now convincing business owners that they need to harness the power of technology if they wanted to have the competitive edge. However, buying the necessary tools alone is already considered a hurdle for some because of the expense that comes with it. But one company is now offering some glimmer of hope to new courier providers.

LastMileLink Technologies, which is owned by CitySprint is now offering couriers the ability to use their app. They say that this will allow them to manage and at the same time, accept work more easily. With the help  of the app, couriers will be able to accept or decline jobs, pick up returns,  or track multiple deliveries with the help of an Android smartphone. On top of this, they will also be able to see their earnings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as well as view their mileage.

CEO of LastMileLink Technologies Santosh Sahu says that the app is the product of hard work and dedication of their team. Sahu adds that the app will help couriers and fleet managers cut time and improve their performance. The product can be rebranded to carry the company’s name. It is not clear however if the app will allow the business to function as a courier online.

CitySprint is now trying to extend their user base to include both courier categories and business sectors. The team from LastMileLinkis expected to carry on more improvements to ensure the best experience for its users. CEO of the CitySprint Group Patrick Gallagher says that technology should be at the heart of a courier business since this can lead to better customer service.

This is considered good news for any budding courier business. With the help of the app, new courier business owners do not have to worry about getting their own software since there is already a ready-made solution for them. This will not only help them stay ahead of their game but will also help them make their work easier. While the company did not mention about customers having the ability to track their shipments online, the app is fairly new and the company did imply to some improvements. Fingers crossed, we can only expect to see this type of integration in the future. Even without it, it’s still considered a great breakthrough for delivery service providers.