in EUROPE - 26 Aug, 2015
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New Guidelines Set For Laser Eye Surgeons In Ireland

New guidelines were made by the Irish College of Ophthalmologists for laser eye surgery Glasgow. Member surgeons are mandated to follow the guidelines but voluntary for non-members. The guidelines were drawn up to answer the rising number of questionable ways of getting people to undergo the surgery.

College president Billy Power said that the guidelines were drawn up due to concerns about some surgeons telling people that there is little need for pre- and post-operation care in order to sell the procedure more. Power said that there have been a lot of people who have never met their surgeons before their surgery and never again after the surgery.

This has been the result of making laser eye surgery a “trivial” matter that need not be openly discussed concerning the risks and the dangers involved during and after the procedure.

Complications arising from laser eye surgery have been increasing over the number of years. Legal cases numbering at least 21 have been brought up by patients against eye laser clinics in the past seven years.

Powers hopes that the guidelines would lessen these incidents by indicating that communication should always be truthful and openly informative. Risks should never be minimized when communicating with customers about laser eye surgery.

There have been other concerns that Powers and the College wanted to address. There have been reports that patients only give out consent on the last day even if guidelines suggest that consent should be given 24 hours earlier. This would allow the patient to be informed of the risks informed and may still back out of the procedure.

There have also been numerous cases where post-operation care had been outsourced outside the locality making it difficult for patients to receive the care they need after the operation.

Other issues that the guidelines cover is that surgeons have to register wit the Medical Council and should have indemnity cover. The growing concern here is that indemnity cover has been increasingly expensive amounting to €97,000 a year due to the increasing legal claims on laser eye surgeons.

Lastly, the guidelines also say that the registered surgeons must always be available for emergency and out patient purposes.