in Business - 02 Dec, 2017
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New Houses With Bees Problem

Property owners are happy with their Christchurch new homes except for one tiny issue, their properties are covered with yellow poop from bees. These houses are located in the Highsted development and oftentimes covered with yellow streaks. This is due to the thousand of yellow bees that are passing through. These tiny creatures love to scatter their little streaks while on flight rather than doing it on their nests.

According to the residents, their houses are covered with yellow streaks including the washing line, windows, roofs and their vehicles left outside. They are more annoyed by the fact that it is not easy to wash out the bee poop since it is waxy and sticky. Cleaning is also useless because the yellow streaks are back as soon as they are done washing them off.

Michael Geare, a homeowner at the Highsted Road, said that the hives of the bees passing overhead are located in the paddocks just 100 meters away from the development. The new homes are located exactly on the oath of the bees as they go back and forth their hives.

He added that before the problem occurred, he has never heard of such thing as bee poop before.Aside from Geare, there are many homeowners that are also not happy about the streaks on their windows, cars and washing.

Geare said that he has already talked to the beekeeper who is currently trying to breed queen bees at the nests. He already asked about a solution to the problem and offered to help him if they can move the hives while wearing bee suit.

He said that they had a good talk and the beekeeper is willing to help in solving the problem. They have to deal with not just a few hives but thousands upon thousands of bees.

Another neighbour who has a property at the Christchurch new homes said that they first discovered the mysterious streaks on their cars. The builders do not have an idea either and they thought it was dumped jet fuel. It is only obvious on things and structures with dark colours. Talks are currently ongoing with the beekeeper to help resolve the issue.