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New Models Of Solar Panels Entering The Market

Solar energy is a dependable, affordable and environmentally friendly source of electricity. Homeowners can generate electricity required to run the different gadgets and appliances in the home by installing solar panels on their roofs or on the ground. Using solar energy provides a lot of benefits to homeowners, like reducing the power bills, reducing the carbon footprint of the home and earning tax credits and rebates.

With the increasing popularity for solar panels on the Gold Coast and other parts of the world, companies are coming with improved and effective variations of the standard solar panels. Here are some of the latest advances in the solar panels.

Bifacial solar panels

Bifacial or double sided solar panels can harness solar energy from both the sides of the panel. They can harness solar energy from the light that reflects off the roof and also from the ground beneath them. These panels are the most efficient in the lot and have the highest energy harvest capacity. The bifacial panels are suitable for all the seasons as they can harvest energy from the light reflecting from the white snow covered ground during the winters.

Glass solar panels

The glass solar panels are an effective innovation. These panels use glass on both sides to sandwich the PV cells. The glass panels are fire resistant and highly durable. These panels are generally integrated onto the skylight and windows of the buildings.

Frameless solar panels

Most of the homeowners complain about the unsightly frames of the standard solar panels. These frames look gaudy and reduce the visual appeal of the home. Frameless solar panels are designed to solve this problem. As the name suggests, these panels do not required a frame, they are installed on specialized mounting apparatus that offers a streamlined look.

Apart from these products, other advanced products like solar skin designs, solar roof tiles, inverter integrated solar panels, solar windows, solar shingles and micro grids are some of the innovations that are set to enter the market on a big scale.

Before installing solar panels on the Gold Coast, homeowners should consult at least two to three installers and obtain quotes from them.  They should compare the equipment and prices of the different installers and choose the one providing quality service at reasonable rate.