in Business - 03 Feb, 2019
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New Security Doors Installed In GICC

Security is a main priority nowadays regardless of where we are in the world. There are many cases of school shootings and robberies in the United States but the fear reached other nations that demand for Perth security doors is also increasing. In Nebraska, school administrators are also prioritizing the security and safety of the students. A school in Grand Island called Grand Island Central Catholic decided to add more security to their buildings.

According to the school administrations, the students as well as the staff felt more at ease upon returning after the school’s winter break because they saw that 25 of the doors have been replaced while they are away.

A student from the Central Catholic, Kylan Puente, said that the new doors have the capacity to lock automatically after it closed. He thinks that his new feature is not only safe but also cool. He added that with the old doors, anyone can easily enter a room if the occupants forgot to lock it from the inside therefore intruders can get in any time.

Central Catholic’s principal, Jordan Engle, said that old doors were replaced beginning the previous summer in order to prepare everyone and the entire building in case they have to encounter a situation wherein lock down is required.

All of the doors of every classroom inside the building have been replaced. One of the major safety features of the newly installed doors is that they can be locked from the other side. Unless someone has a key or someone inside the room unlocks the door, it is impossible to get inside.

Engle added that doors come with built-in narrow windows which are shatter-proof therefore suitable for lock down situations. He added that statistics have shown that in a school shooting, students and staffs are safer behind locked doors. It helps that the knobs are new unlike old doors where the knobs are already showing signs of wear and tear.

As schools are taking safety precautions in the United States, Perth security doors are also getting more demand because Australia is following suit in prioritizing safety above all.