in Breast - 03 Feb, 2020
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New Techniques In Breast Augmentation Procedure

Many individuals want to improve the way they look but they are worried about the procedure and the potential results. The most qualified person who can address the concerns is the cosmetic surgeon. To make sure that you are dealing with the best cosmetic surgeons, it is important to look at their qualifications and experience. Always remember that your appearance and safety is at stake.

There is wide range of cosmetic surgery solutions available today that is very difficult to determine the best procedure that suits you best. For example, there are various options for breast augmentation from those with or without breast implants to rapid recovery breast augmentation and augmentation alone with or without liposuction. 

Rapid recovery breast augmentation as the name implies promises less downtime. Implants are used in the breast augmentation so that the patient can quickly get back to regular routine. State-of-the-art surgical and recovery techniques are used like precise implant pocket dissection using electrocautery that will reduce bleeding and trauma.

The breast implant is placed using the no touch technique with sterile funnel to prevent contamination. No drain technique is also used as well as skin glue to seal the incision that will allow the patient to bath early. To minimize stiffness and soreness, light arm exercises are suggested to start early during recovery. Pain control will be possible without the need for narcotics and anti-inflammatory medications.

Because choosing the right implant is daunting and stressful, new technology has been introduced where three dimensional images can be created so that the patient will visualize what the breast will look like with any implant size, shape and profile. 3D imaging is usually done during initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon. It is important for a patient to visualize how the breast will look after surgery before making an informed decision.

Cosmetic surgery is offered in different parts of the world but there are only a few surgeons that can be considered as the best cosmetic surgeons who can produce the best possible results for patients. It makes sense to find the best surgeon you can be comfortable with to perform the cosmetic procedure that will enhance your self esteem.