in marketing - 22 Oct, 2020
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Newly Launched Petition Wants To Stop Business-Damaging Reviews

One of the most powerful marketing tools that a digital agency uses is king kong advertising review that is free and credible to increase trust in the brand. Reviews are the voice of customers based on their personal experience with the brand.

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on almost all businesses but most particularly restaurants. Many restaurant owners have reported an increase in below-the-belt negative reviews related to poor delivery service. Most of the negative online reviews are from third-party apps.

To stop the business-damaging 1-star and 2-star review, Raydiant, a sign company in the Bay area launched a national petition that prevents review sites like Yelp! and Trip Advisor from publishing delivery-related reviews that are not the fault of restaurants. However, Yelp was angered by the advertising campaign for the newly launched petition.

Billboards were posted by Raydiant in places like buildings in San Francisco, pedicabs in San Diego, and taxi cabs in New York. The billboards featured a fictional 1-star review that Yelp officials claimed as fake. The reviews were supposedly posted on the Yelp platform by a customer named Karen from San Diego Sherman Heights.

Yelp said that they have worked diligently during the pandemic to flag and analyse low star reviews for customer complaints about issues like masks, social distancing, and delivery service.

Businesses do have control over the reviews posted by their customers. However, a digital agency believes that by providing its clients with a great experience, they will be encouraged to post positive king kong advertising review online.