in Lifestyle - 28 Mar, 2017
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Not Minimalistic But A More Homey Ambience In Bathrooms

Minimalist bathrooms are the epitome of simplicity but will they allow you to relax? When a bathroom is too simple, it lacks charisma and often feels more clinical. The latest trends are more decorative instead of Spartan, with patterns, colors and materials mixed together to provide the space with a sense of individuality.

You certainly do not want the bathroom to be unique and different from the rest of the home. The design and décor of the bathroom must flow visually and have continuity with the rest of the rooms. Technical innovations in bathroom décor offers patterned waterproof wall coverings and glamorous lighting that meet electrical safety standards.

People certainly do not want a blank wall in their bathroom. It is the space that needs improvement. Different designs can be created so that the bathroom will have its own personality. It does not necessarily mean clashing colors or a complete refurbishment only a couple of texture and color schemes.

You no longer see a lot of chrome in bathrooms because they have been overtaken by brass, rose gold and matt black. Today’s trimmings are more urban and aesthetic with more brass than gold and not so rich and not so yellow. Gold tones can bring a feeling of warmth in the bathroom but it has to match with basin stands. For a more feminine bathroom, the gold elements should match a whimsical patterned wallpaper and large ornate mirror over the basin area.

Bathroom designers are striving to create a more homely atmosphere in a functional space. Today the focus is on vanity units with the same craftsmanship as the furniture in the hallway or living room. Vanities are meant to be real statement pieces. Vanities can be the focal point of the bathroom design because they are decorative without being flouncy.

The very latest in bathroom furniture is oak top vanity unit with two stunning basins that can easily transform the ambience of your bathroom into a luxurious and stylish space. There are more opulent double bathroom vanity units for large bathrooms. You can easily order your bathroom needs online and enjoy substantial savings.