in Business - 28 Sep, 2017
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Number Of Skilled Workers Dwindling Resulting To Higher Wages For Tradesmen

In the United Kingdom, there is a shortage of skilled workers that electricians in the country are able to earn as high as £3,000 weekly. This is good news for them and an electrician in Wynnum, Queensland was quite surprised to hear the number. This is a motivation for many to try the field of electrical professionals as the demand is higher but the supply of workers is not enough.

With the estimated earnings, an electrician in the UK is able to earn about £156,000 annually – this is six times higher than the average salary and it is higher than the earnings of the Prime Minister which amounts to £150,000.

Electricians are not the only ones who are benefitting from the high demand, the same goes with bricklayers and plumbers. Their salaries have also increased by as high as 10 per cent in the last year.

Plumbers are able to earn a maximum of £2,000 weekly while bricklayers are able to take home £1,125 weekly – both are able to earn over £50,000 annually.

The numbers are revealed by Manpower which is a recruitment firm in the country. They said that the higher wages is due to the high demand for new residential properties in the United Kingdom. This came at a time when there is not enough number of skilled workers in the country.

James Hick, the managing director, said that this time is the best time to be a tradesman because of the very high pay. The weekly figures for an electrician can reach as high as £3,000.

He said that the highest rates are those in areas covered by South East and London. Though the highest rate is concentrated in these two, the wages in average have increased all over the nation.

Manpower’s data also showed that fire safety officers can bring home a weekly salary of £1,600 due to the repairs ordered by landlords and councils following the unfortunate event at the Grenfell Tower.

The entire public housing facility in Britain is undergoing repair and testing as a result of the unfortunate incident. This is why even homeowners in Australia are taking extra measures by hiring electrician in Wynnum to do repairs and conduct regular maintenance.