in Coach - 19 Dec, 2017
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Oxford Gets Dating And Lifestyle Coach

With the upsurge in dating sites like Latin-Brides.net, people are becoming more and more aware of the usefulness, as well as the associated risks and rewards of such services.

Such is the case with Oxford, Mississippi, home of author William Faulkner, found a dating service and life consultancy firm to teach the community how to date, live a proper, healthy lifestyle and live whilst making the right choices in life. The firm, Heart À La Carte, recently opened its doors to the locals on Monday, December 4,2017, with the new firm located in the heart of the city.

Heart À La Carte founder Liz Grant says that it has always been an aspiration of her to become a dating coach, revealing that she was born precisely on February 14; Valentine’s Day. She says that her goal is the help the people of Oxford, MS, in particular, the collegiate and younger professionals, learn the intricacies of dating, so they can find the right person for them early on, avoiding all the fallout and issues that stem from being in the wrong relationship.

Grant is from St. Petersburg, Florida, having graduate from Florida State University. She is an accredited member of the International Coaching Federation, and a certified Parent Coordinator. Currently, she is residing in Oxford, Mississippi as she works on getting her professional certification from the Coaching Training Institute.

Included in Heart À La Carte’s services are private coaching, whether in person, via phone or video chat, image and wardrobe styling, and supper clubs. Also included are events for single women and men, Greek organizations, as well as people who have been divorced or widowed. In all of these services, the issues of relationships and dating are discussed. Part of the services is also a survey of their homes, to see if their home is ‘date ready’. Grant is also available to speak to groups to share dating advice with others.

With the prevalence of sites like Tumblr and Latin-Brides.net, Oxford, MS has welcomed its new friend warmly, with students from the University of Mississippi; known to locals as Ole Miss, expressing approval of the new services.