in Logistics - 06 Jun, 2019
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Petition Looks To Change Canadian Trucking

Several Canadian provinces have introduced legislation with the aim of changing the national training standards for Canada’s trucking industry, but there are still major concerns about how inconsistent the national standard really is. Taking note of this, an author of a federal petition has teamed up with the families of the Humboldt Broncos to generate change, not only for trucking in Hamilton, but across the country.

The petition was forwarded for Federal consideration, and closed in May 14, just as Canada Road Safety Week began. In the days leading up to it, the petitioner and the families worked hard to garner support for Petition E-2005.

The aforementioned petition aims to see the government enact several critical changes, with one of the key terms of the petition being the implementation of a national standard for minimal entry-level training for the trucking industry. If the petition acquired enough support to become legislation, it would lead to the creation of a licensing process that’ll require all new Canadian truck drivers to be legally recognized as members of a skilled trade.

The primary petitioner is Patti Fair, a member of the safety regulation profession, who was widowed when her husband died in a vehicular accident involving a Class 1A holder who was green and unsuited for his assignment. Fair’s late spouse, Steve Babij, was a Class 1A license holder himself, and had gone on record expressing concerns about the standards in entry-level training for the trucking industry, which he perceived as deteriorating.

Following the death of her husband, Patti Fair, from her Alberta home, commissioned a paper-based petition calling for improvements to licensing, training, and recognition practices in the trucking industry. In the weeks following Humboldt Broncos bus crash, the families of the Broncos victims put their support on the petition, even growing to becoming the second most supported open petition in Canada, with 6,200 signatures.

Patti Fair noted how companies that handle trucking in Hamilton and across Canada; the whole industry itself, was throwing its support behind their petition. She notes how rare for such a big industry to ask for national standards, requirements and regulations from the government, and notes that this is a clear message that there’s a problem in Canada, and that the country’s current Class 1 licensing system isn’t effective.